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General Information

Please note that the NTHU Center for Continuing Education/scholarship committees reserves the right to withdraw the scholarship if students are subsequently found to be ineligible or if these terms and conditions are not adhered to.

The National Tsing Hua University reserves the right to amend its scholarship provision without notice.


Description of Award:

NTHU International Student Scholarship will be awarded to degree seeking international students and current enrolled international students with outstanding academic and research performance.



National Tsing Hua University



1.      Apply for admission according to Ministry of Education “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan”

2.      Not government scholarship recipients or Academia Sinica scholarship recipients

3.      Non working visa holders or ARC holders with working purpose


<Current Student>

4.      Second-year to fourth-year undergraduates and Ph.D. students, second-year master students

5.      Type A scholarship: Graduates - minimum GPA 3.4, Undergraduates - minimum GPA 2.44

          Type B scholarship: Graduates - minimum GPA 2.93, Undergraduates - minimum GPA 1.95

6.       4-credits earned from Chinese language course (current scholarship recipient)


Application Periods:

Prospective Students

Fall Semester: January 1 to March 15

Spring Semester: August 15  to October 16

Current Students

Fall Semester: around end-June

Spring Semester: around mid-January


Scholarship Amount:

Type A: Tuition Waiver + Monthly Stipend

Doctoral student: Tuition fee and credit fee waiver, and monthly stipend of 10,000 NTD

Master student: Tuition fee and credit fee waiver, and monthly stipend of 5,000 NTD

Undergraduate student: Tuition fee waiver, and monthly stipend of 5,000 NTD

Type B: Tuition Waiver

Doctoral student: Tuition fee and credit fee waiver

Master student: Tuition fee and credit fee waiver

Undergraduate student: Tuition fee waiver


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Scholarship Duration:

One year


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